Lenovo in UAE

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Why You Should Consider Lenovo

Lenovo as a brand came into existence in 2004; years of trial and error made Lenovo one of the most well-known brands all across the world.

Lenovo offers solutions to small businesses, cooperations, homes, and just about every institution. 

When a consumer thinks of Lenovo, they think of innovation, thanks to its brand image. Lenovo offers product categories: PCs, AIO, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Data Centers, Smart Devices, services, and Solutions. 

IRIX has been long partnering with Lenovo in bringing the above-mentioned models to general consumers and institutions.

Let’s take a closer look at what Lenovo offers to general consumers and cooperations alike.

Lenovo in UAE – Desktops for home and business

Currently, in 2021, Lenovo offers six types of PCs: IdeaCentre, Yoga, ThinkCentre, Legion, Ideacentre, and Thinkstations.

These six types of PCs Lenovo are well known for their designs and performance.

Each type has its own quality, advantage, and purpose. 

Let’s take a closer look at the models Lenovo has to offer that IRIX has for sale.

       Lenovo IdeaCentre desktop computers


IdeaCentre is a PC designed for tidy people and likes to keep things tedious. Everything is built on the body of the screen. Your processor ram and storage are hidden away from the user’s sight. IdeaCentre is great for the classroom, small businesses, and homes just like Lenovo v50t all-in-one desktop.

       Lenovo Yoga laptops 

Just like IdeaCentre, the Yoga model of Lenovo is also an all-in-one computer. The difference between both models is when it comes to performance. The Lenovo Yoga model is great for people and institutions who are looking to create illustrations, graphic designs, and art. It comes with a 27”, 4K display that mesmerizes. Yoga also gives you the option to upgrade its components which you wouldn’t find in most all-in-one PCs.


ThinkCentre is great for people that value money and space. It is affordable for general consumers and businesses of all sorts. It is also very compact; you can easily hide it behind your screen or under your table. 


Who doesn’t love gaming? Whether you are young or old, spending quality time with your favorite games on your Lenovo Legion series is a must-do in your free time. It is also worth noting that the Legion series is not just for gamers. It is also designed for people that are graphic intensive creators.  


Just like its name states, Thinkstations are built for thinkers, heavy workers, and people who are built differently from the rest. Just like IdeaCentre, the Thinkstations are also built to withstand harsh usage and long-term use. 

Lenovo in UAE – Laptops for everyone

Lenovo offers five types of laptops in 2021. Each has its own quirk and features that are designed to get work done in all areas with ease. Whether you are buying a Lenovo laptop for your business or home, you will not regret choosing Lenovo as your brand. Let’s take a closer look at the five types of laptops Lenovo offers and which one would best work for you.

Traditional Laptops

These laptops are great for people who are looking to game, create and take care of business. Traditional laptops consist of Legion series, IdeaPad, Yoga, and ThinkPad. These laptops have their own purpose, and choosing any of them would guarantee you satisfaction. 

2-in-1 Laptops

If you are the type of person who likes to create and type at the same time, 2-in-1 offered by Lenovo is just the right product for you. You can easily switch between Tablet mode and Laptop mode. ThinkPad and Yoga laptops are the new fashion everyone trying to adopt. Each has its own specialty if used in the right manner.

Thin & Portable

Running a business is not always easy. You are always on the run going to places. With laptops like Yoga and IdeaPad, traveling could not be much easier. It is lightweight and powerful enough to take care of your tasks with ease.

Lenovo in UAE – Mobile Workstation

These heavy-duty monsters are built for people who are heavy users. Whether you are a workaholic or working on a big project that requires heavy graphics and efficiency, laptops like Legion and ThinkPad will have you covered. 

In Conclusion

If you are looking for Lenovo in UAE, whether you are looking to buy a Lenovo laptop, Lenovo PC, Lenovo AIO or Lenovo server it is best to buy from a qualified distributor such as IRIX. 

IRIX has been in this business for years and has been working very closely with Lenovo in bringing the best products to customers.