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15.00 AZN
ASUS UT280 MOUSE xarakteristikaları
  • Rəng: Qara
  • Kompakt simli optik siçan 1000DPI-a qədər
  • P/N: 90XB01EN-BMU020

Dell QLogic 2562 Dual Port 8GB Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

893.00 AZN
The QLogic 2562 Host Bus Adapter from Dell™ offers an exceptional performance and advanced management functionality that can shave days off installing and managing adapters. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems to ensure compatibility with your computer. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system. If you buy this Dell adapter right now, you will save your time and money because our online store offers Dell products with best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and fast free delivery in Dubai. By the way, Irix is a Dell distributor in UAE.

Kensington Sleeve For Surface Pro 3 & 4

12.00 AZN
Buy Online Kensington Sleeve For Surface Pro 3 & 4 at the cheapest price.  Now you have the perfect lightweight complement to help you carry your laptop or tablet around. The Kensington universal sleeve provides a soft layer of protection to a wide variety of devices, and the interior fleece lining is scratch-resistant to help keep the surface of the device free of marks.

Microsoft Surface 3 Docking

87.00 AZN
Buy online Surface 3 Docking which is ideal for home and office. Turning into details, it provides connectivity to the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet, with four USB ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and Mini DisplayPort, moreover, it has magnetic stylus holder and can be used with Type Cover keyboard. Most important, our online store offers it at a cheap price and free delivery in Dubai. Irix is a partner of Microsoft in UAE.

Microsoft Surface 65W Power Supply

85.00 AZN
Buy Online Microsoft Surface 65W Power Supply at a cheap price in Dubai. Made exclusively for Surface and designed to match its look and feel, the 65W Power Supply quickly recharges the battery, while the USB port lets you charge another device at the same time.

Microsoft Surface USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

40.00 AZN
Buy online Microsoft Surface Ethernet Adapter at a cheap price in Dubai Instantly connect your Surface to your network. Plug this Ethernet adapter into your USB 3.0 port to get online, share files, and print with data transfer rates of up to 1Gbps. Wake on LAN capable. Indicator light. Compatible with Windows 10 and 8.1, and all Surface models.

Microsoft Surface Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

40.00 AZN
Designed for Surface, this proprietary VGA adapter lets you share photos, video, and presentations in a way that’s larger than life. Plug your Surface into VGA-compatible displays, monitors, or projectors, and share your pictures, videos, and big ideas. Most important, our online store offers it with best deal options including an affordable price, cheap international shipping and free delivery in Dubai, UAE

Microsoft Surface Dial

118.00 AZN
Buy Surface Dial which has an intuitive and clever design. In other words, that requires only three gesture: press and hold, click and rotate. That's why it makes daily tasks efficient and fun. Moreover, our online store sells Surface Dial at a cheap price and free delivery in Dubai. Irix is a partner of Microsoft in UAE.

Microsoft Surface Dock

196.00 AZN
Buy Online Surface Dock at an inexpensive price in Dubai. In this way, you can transform your Surface into a desktop PC by plugging in your Dock with the SurfaceConnectTM cable. Most important, our online store always thinks about customers, that's why we offer best deal options.

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse 2017

79.00 AZN
Buy Surface Arc Mouse 2017 at an affordable price in Dubai, UAE. Surface Arc Mouse is slim, light, ready to travel and this has light gray color. Most important, our online store offers it with best deal options including an affordable price, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai.

Microsoft Surface Pen 2017 Charcoal Black

115.00 AZN
New Surface Pen Black at the cheapest price in Dubai. Surface Pen is faster than ever and greater sensitivity, and virtually no lag. It complies with Surface Book 2, Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, and Pen Tip Kit, to make the long story short, this pen can bring your vision to life. Moreover, our online store offers it with best deal options.